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Theses Submitted in Completion of the M.A.

Here English titles (as submitted by the author from 2009 to 2014) are listed. For more recent theses (2013-up to present) as well as older ones (-2008), please use Googe translate.


Configuring 'Information Society": An Anthropological Attempt at Interpreting Local ICT Initiatives in the Making
Social Movements and Anthropology in the Post Lehman Shock Era: and Example of Spanish "Indignados" Movement
Forming of identity as "Refugees": a case of Vietnamese refugees in Japan.
Voice, Speech, Song: A Time-Based Approach to Ritual
After Free Software: re-examining Modulation Theory and an exploration towards Open Anthropology
On Religion/Culture: an Essay on Plural Christianity in Zimbabwe
Anthropological Reflection on Biobanks


An Interaction between between an Buddhist Revival Activist Kancho Maruyama and Tenshin Okakura
"Real" division of Labour: Cognition and Collaboration
Beyond Local Knowledge: Weather forecaster as cultural brokers
Intended Cuisine of Housewife - "Home-cuisine" as learned and expressed by the Analysis of the Magazine "Shufu-no-Tomo"


’Newcomer’ Koreans in Japan: The Technologically Mediated Exchange and Appropriation of Material Culture within a Deterritorialized Population
The production of authority and trust in the case of divination, fortune-telling and magic.
The Phenomenon or the ’Shōshika Problem’ and the Factors that Influence Family Fertility: Perspectives from Fieldwork in Iwate, Japan
Rethinking the Malay Islamic Revival: From Texts to Images
Moving around Places in Tele-Presence: Upcoming "Stori" from Highlands Fringe Area of Papua New Guinea
American Creationism: The Strategy to Be "Scientific"
Ritual and Resource: Acholi's Choice of Utilizing mato-oput for Conflict Resolution
Information seeking and learning on the Internet. ~from passive alternative to positive tool~
Promoting the region for inbound tourism: Kobe's challenge
Differentiation and Integration of Procreation by Reproductive Technology and Surrogacy


Utterance and Narrative Construction on the Internet
Space of my / our Jewishness - a Perspective from Argentine Jews
The Dynamic Process of inheritance of 'Transcending' Folk Music  A Case of Drum Music, the P'ungmul in South Korea
The process of World Heritage about "Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range": an approach from the view of Resource-Anthropology

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