1. Graduate School Entrance Examination (M.A. and PhD programs)

1.1 Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Master's and PhD Entrance Application/Examination
For information on the entrance application and examination to the M.A. and PhD programs, please see our FAQ page.

1.2 Application for "Foreign Research Student" 
For information on applications for "foreign research students (Gaikokujin Kenkyusei)", please see the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences page Foreign Research Student Applications.

2. Advancement to the Cultural Anthropology Course at the Senior Division (3rd and 4th Year students)

All sophomore students at the University of Tokyo can apply to advance to "Cultural Anthropology Course", part of the Department of Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies, College of Arts and Sciences (Senior Division), if they have sufficient average academic scores by their 3rd semester*. For details please see this page (in Japanese).   *Foreign students (junior division) who have MEXT scholarships as future Cultural Anthropology majors at the University of Tokyo will be automatically admitted.

◇ Additional Information: Undergraduate Post-B.A. Student Advancement Paths (1996-2006)

(We're sorry, this information is outdated.)

1. Advancement to UT M.A. degree program    19 people

2. Advancement to M.A. /other university program at an outside university    9 people 

3. Advancement to corporate career or in government or municipal offices (see below)  27 people

Asahi Shimbun, American Family Life insurance, NIT, NHK Cultural Center, NTT DoCoMo, NTT Eastern Japan, MIT, S Producers, Kadokawa Shoten, Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry, JICA, International Tropical Timber Association, Citibank, Sumitomo Life Insurance, Daiichi Lifensurance, Diamond System Development (now owned by UFJ Bank), Tokyo Marine Group, Toyota Automotive, Meitetsu, The Japan Research Institute, NHK=3 people, Japan Tutor Center Academy, Hakuhodo, Hokkaido Shimbunsha, Mitsui Knowledge industry (+Unknown: 5 people)